Translate the underlined words

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Translate the underlined words

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Katerntoets Gotcha - 4 havo - toetsweek 3

  1. Translate the underlined words:

  1. Deborah's actions were a deliberate attempt to get her husband fired.

  2. Without their voluntary help, they would have no access to legal advice.

  3. There is no proof that capital punishment is an effective deterrent.

  4. They parked their car in an affluent Chicago neighbourhood.

  5. The jury considered their verdict for only 75 minutes.

  6. Previous research doesn't prove video violence causes crime.

  7. Do you want to be informed about atrocities in history?

  8. Gallagher is the prime creative force behind Oasis.

  9. They complain about frequent searches and harassment by the police.

  10. Denver is determined to head off a reprise of last year.

  11. The message is endorsed by TV stars

  12. Parents and judges find merit in this approach.

  13. Dozens of cities have imposed strict curfews.

Rewrite the following words adding a prefix.

Use: ir/un/in/dis/im

  1. edible

  2. possible

  3. credited

Explain the meaning of the following underlined words in English

  1. it's just an exhausting thing to do.

  2. young offenders with violent family backgrounds

  3. the prosecution had all the help they wanted, and the defence had nothing.

Fill in the words that fit in best

Choose from: assault / fined / cruelty / imprisoned / a threat to freedom / plead / convict / executed / appeal / suspended / cured / a ban on performing / guilty / sentenced / emblazoned
20. The lawyer urged them to plead ..... .

21. I am pleading that we overcome ..... with kindness and hatred with love.

22. The judge ..... Loeb and Leopold to life plus 99 years.

23. The band received prison sentences, fines and ..... .

24. After he had heard the verdict, their lawyer said he would ..... .

25. A sick kid has a much chance of being ..... as she has of learning to fly. (PTO)

Give opposites to the following words.

26. lenient

27. controversy

28. dependency

Give synonyms of the following words.

29. to charge with

30. cautious

31. mischievous

B. Grammar-section

Formuleer vragen waarop de volgende zinnen, en met name de onderstreepte woorden, een mogelijk antwoord zouden kunnen zijn. Denk om de juiste tijd !!

32. They have lived in Brielle for 13 years.

33. We moved to London two years ago.

34 They are watching the 8 o'clock news.

35. He'll probably sell his house to Harry next year.

36. I have been away for quite some time now.

Maak de volgende zinnen ontkennend (met not), verander de tijd van de zin niet!

37. The judge had some questions he wanted to ask.

38. Moira Milne saw her daughter drunk in a police cell.

39. Society has failed to create a proper safety net.

40 Trina tells all her friends she enjoyed the summer camp.

41. Video nasties may have played a part in the James Bulger case.

Maak de zinnen af met een question-tag:
42. The researchers say there is some evidence, .....?

43. We won't convince the jury with that story, .....?

44. He'd forgotten all his keys that morning, .....?

45. She's not going to report it to the police, .....?

46. I'm your best friend, .....?
47. Wie vroeg jij om die informatie?

48. Waar kijken zijn (toch) naar?

  • B. Grammar-section

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