Unicom Finals 2nd edition 4 vwo

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Unicom Finals 2nd edition 4 vwo

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Unicom Finals 2nd edition 4 vwo

Words in context units 3 & 4
Study these words (English - Dutch). [TB 15]
(l.9) ability This system has the ability to run more than one programme at a time. vermogen

(l.10) to immerse The seeds will swell when immersed in water. onderdompelen

(l.26) to accelerate Exposure to the sun can accelerate the ageing process. versnellen

(l.27) squalor He had lost his job and was living in squalor. ellende, viezigheid

(l.33) proximity The proximity of the college to London makes it very popular. nabijheid

(l.36) manure Dig plenty of well-rotten manure into the soil. mest, compost

(l.38) sewage There’s a ban on the dumping of raw sewage. rioolwater

(l.45) incidence He lives in an area with a high incidence of crime. (mate van) voorkomen

(l.50) perpetually How can I work when she’s perpetually interrupting me? eeuwig, altijd

(l.59) to render Hundreds of people were rendered homeless by the earthquake. maken

(l.60) to confound The sudden rise in share prices has confounded economists. verbazen

(l.61) indigent The city wanted all the poor and the indigent to move to the slums. armen

(l.62) previously The building had previously been used as a hotel. voorafgaand, vroeger

(l.64) aid An extra £10 million in foreign aid has been promised. hulp

(l.67) relief We all breathed a sigh of relief when he left. verlichting, opluchting

(l.69) champion She was a champion of the poor all her life. voorvechter

(l.70) atrocity Britain did not speak out against these atrocities. gruweldaad

Study these words (English - Dutch). [TB 16]

(l.9) to emblazon The team’s logo was emblazoned on their caps. met logo beschilderen/uitvoeren

(l.20) demise The demise of apartheid was a long-awaited event in South Africa. dood, afschaffing

(l.21) reluctant She was reluctant to admit she was wrong. onwillig

(l.25) successor He chose as his successor a relative newcomer to the organisation. opvolger

(l.39) lethal The closure of the factory dealt a lethal blow to the town. dodelijk

(l.57) grant He has been awarded a research grant. beurs

(l.77) to pledge The government pledged their support for the plan. beloven

(l.82) awareness Students should develop an awareness of how the Internet works. bewustzijn

(l.83) prevalence In recent years we have seen an increase in the prevalence of smoking among gangbaarheid

young people.

(l.86) consensus There seems to be a consensus that the plan should be rejected. overeenstemming

(l.95) to rebuke The company was publicly rebuked for having neglected safety procedures. berispen

(l.101) maturity Her poem shows great maturity. volwassenheid

(l.112) to yield The research has yielded useful information. opbrengen

Study these words (English - Dutch). [TB 21]

(l.4) hoaxer Bomb hoaxers brought chaos to the city yesterday. grappenmaker

(l.5) referee He was sent off for arguing with the referee. scheidsrechter

(l.6) clash Clashes broke out between the police and demonstrators. gevecht, schermutseling

(l.9) fixture Saturday’s fixture against Liverpool was called off. wedstrijd

(l.12) ruse She tried to think of a ruse to get him out of the house. list

Study these words (English - Dutch). [TB 22]

(l.1) preparatory He was educated at a preparatory school before going to public school. voorbereidend

(l.5) cane She was often punished with a cane at school. stok, riet

(l.5) severe His injuries are severe. ernstig, zwaar

(l. 6) offence He was not aware that he had committed an offence. overtreding

(l.9) to assault He has been charged with assaulting a police officer. aanvallen

(l.26) agony Jack collapsed in agony on the floor. ondraaglijke pijn

(l.29) lout The old man was assaulted by some louts from the local school. pummel

(l.31) intervene The President intervened personally in this crisis. tussenbeide komen

(l.42) excruciating The pain in my back was excruciating. ondraaglijk

(l.50) stern Our French teacher always has a stern expression on his face. streng

(l.58) to scar His face was badly scarred. met littekens bedekt worden

(l.60) to recur This theme recurs several times throughout the book. terugkomen

(l.72) profound My father’s death had a profound effect on us all. diep, grondig
Study these words (English - Dutch). [TB 23]
(l.1) muzzle The cannon was loaded to the muzzle with gunpowder. tromp (uiteinde geweer)

(l.4) substitute The local bus service was a poor substitute for their car. vervanging

(l.9) to curtsey She curtsied to the Queen. revérence, buiging

(l.17) objectionable I myself didn’t find his behaviour objectionable. ongewenst

(l.28) demand She couldn’t always give in to his demands. eisen

(l.31) for the behoof of For the behoof of his fans, the author autographed many of his books at the store. ten behoeve van

(l.46) lustrous Mary was proud of her thick lustrous hair. glanzend

(l.50) deficient Deaf people are sometimes treated as being mentally deficient. gebrekkig

(l.54) graminivorous Sheep are graminivorous creatures. grasetend

Study these words (English - Dutch). [TB 24]

(l.11) to assure She’s perfectly safe, I can assure you. verzekeren

(l.23) to persuade Try to persuade him to come. overhalen

(l.25) cure There is no known cure, but the illness can be treated. (genees)middel, remedie
Study these words (English - Dutch). [TB 27]
(l.1) to conjugate How do you conjugate this verb? vervoegen, vervoegd worden

(l.4) to emerge She finally emerged from her room at noon. tevoorschijn komen

(l.5) wedge I don’t want to drive a wedge between the two of you. wig

(l.15) revive The flowers soon revived in water. herleven, weer tot leven komen

(l.20) urban Damage to both urban and rural environments is commonplace nowadays. stedelijk

(l.21) to endorse Members of all parties endorsed a ban on landmines. goedkeuren, bevestigen

(l.35) to submerge The fields had been submerged by floodwater. overstromen

(l.41) vernacular People coming from the south of the country have a very distinct vernacular. streektaal

(l.56) to embark on She is about to embark on a diplomatic career. beginnen aan

(l.57) to embrace She embraced her son warmly. omhelzen

(l.68) unruly He struggled hard to control his unruly emotions. onhandelbaar

(l.71) to suspend She was suspended from school for a week. schorsen

(l.96) to acknowledge The country acknowledged his claim to the throne. erkennen

(l.111) to contend Sasha contended that she had done most of the work. beweren, volhouden

(l.119) stash Somewhere in this house he has a stash of money. bergplaats

Study these words (English - Dutch). [TB 29]

(l.17) futility The democratic President referred in his speech to the futility of war. nutteloosheid

(l.27) to brood You’re not still brooding over what he said, are you? tobben

(l.53) tonsils I’ve had my tonsils removed. amandelen

(l.57) dependable If you want to talk to someone, you can trust John; he is very dependable. betrouwbaar

(l.59) grasp He has a good grasp of German grammar. begrip

(l.83) indefinitely The trial was postponed indefinitely. voor onbepaalde tijd

(l.92) malicious He took malicious pleasure in telling me what she had said. kwaadaardig

(l.96) captious Do you think it is captious to ask him to write legibly? muggezifterig

(l.106) sinews During the match he overstretched the sinews of his left ankle. pezen

(l.111) cast He had his arm in a cast after he fell down the stairs. gips

(l.119) effete Look how effete the team look after they have been beaten twice in a row. slap

(l.139) degenerate Some people considered the punk movement a degenerate popular culture. verloederd

(l.144) to leer The Casanova leered at the women from behind the bar. wellustige blikken werpen

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