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38.special kinds of observations

*Yesterday I saw two chairs standing near the water. All the year they had waited for me till I would find the right time to sit on one of them. Seasons past by. It was now summer. A hot day in the afternoon.

I sat myself down and after a while I noticed the shadow of the hughest tree of the parc in the water. The slightest movement of the smalest fish can make the water move all the end through the other side of the pond. The air was filled with a little wind, enough to make the tree dance in the rimpels of the water.

The branches of the three grew bigger and then again smaller, like if some kind of fluid was passing through them. The branches seemed to become a gigantic pump through wich it's blood was pumped.

I imagined this was like when someone gets a hartattac or something...a vain breaking while to much pressure made it explode. The dancing leaves in the water seemed to be like the smallest bio in our longs, very meryly operating in their territory. I sat so silent and forgot about the parc, concentrating on this essence of life, that once my concentration was broken I saw the shy wild parccat with a whole bunch of her young traversing the parc, tails in the that was why I turned back a few hours earlier when I wanted to get me a cat with someone I know...lifes work in often predicting, unexplainable ways. When I wanted to get some food for the cats the whole lot of them flew in all little cat forgot on her trip in the outside that their is water where

land ends...and fell in the water...swimming onto a nest surrounded by water. When I took the boot to catch the wild cat, a stupid idea, I discoverd that a pair of waterbirds indeed had made a nest on top of a whole lot of lost wood I had put in the water.

*If you pay attention to what is beeing said between two people or more, it is the result of what goes on in their separated minds...but in an aditional form. Even the place were one is, is the result of what went on in one or more minds. Both statements are the logic result of a number of things happening every day...slept upon through the night and getting more ready for execution the following day.

*I drew a picture while I was phoning with someone...first some geometrical blocs one after another, then I added a head that smiled and a tail...while the conversation continued I put eyes in the blocs and added some blocs unther the blocs and made trousers out of the end it looked like an Asian dragon who was dancing.

The dragon was composed of some people, cheerfull. The thing I didn't told in the conversation was that the day before I was in the company of Asian people and their European friends, all very satisfied. I had completely no intention of drawing the dragon, I only saw in the end what I had drawn. Even more special was how I found the pub where those people were. I saw a falcon sitting on a wire when I drove to my chalet. Later on I went to find a pub were I could drink something and I saw a name of some pub called 'Falcongarden'. I entered and much to my suprise I ended up amongst the friends I mentioned above. The day befor after watching a documentary on the stupid war of imperialism in Vietnam and a conversation with the Vietnamese wife who has a take away in the village I knew after the firework I watched with her husband and children that some Asian encounter was again to take place...but on the moment of seeiing the falcon, I even had forgot about it.

After that events in the evening I put on the television and on that very moment a Falcon was catching one of my favorite birds who comes to eat here often...that day I had seen a remarkely big one for his size (not a falcon). Those special birds,... when I saw one one day a man came to visit me a few hours later and later on he build many nests for birds in the parc where I live. Birds, they live on the branches, those vains from the earth.

More then a month after writing this I haven't had time any more to visit my Asian friends...because other events who made me put more attention to my work, crossed my way.

*I called my philosophical project in the parc 'food for the mind'...isn't everything food for the mind, even the real earthly food itself ?

*Images of people, dead or alife can somethimes be more 'present' then real's just presence in another way I think. Light is knowledge.
social ethics

*A woman who contributed her life to the working class died in april I read. Someone wrote an article to remember the story of her life. I enjoyed it very much.

*The leaders of Israel and Palestine keep on wasting their future away...while Irak is staying hell on earth. When people desire a more just share of the wealth, they are crushed in history. Socialist orientated small groups do seem to recognise more and more the valuable points in each others explanation, but they do not admit it as such.

emotional weight

*Some people will always tend to hurt others just because they themselves war hurt before. Whether they were themselves to blame or not. Their beiing clever to achieve the revenche, goes beyond a lot of imagination. A lot of the tricks are so transparent that you provoke yet more of their anger if you find a subtile way of letting them know you read their mind. Be aware of those how tell you that they had a very bad relationship and still suffer from it...listen to people who are gratefull about their experiences and to people who have


forgiven. What I endured in life is not understandable for the majority of people I know.

*Sometimes I ask myself whether children with parents that were not so close together as they taught have less opportunity to lead a stable life...but I do feel that every person who was born couldn't have done otherwise...this has nothing to do with reiincarnation in the hindoe-way, but because of the forces of circumstances that are pushing people to make people because of the genes that have to be spread and the lessons about oneself and others that have to be understood. One can only understand this thoroughly if you imagine all personages connected in the same story, seen from different angles. even you and a small community can save the world

It was now almost then years ago since I wrote the following words :

"Peace will come in the hart of the ones with the honnest souls. Preserve the earth from destruction and lead the people towards better lives. The world is one, never ever forget. There is only one life and one world, take your responsibility and live as intense as possible.

Be light to be a guide. Go to the streets, speak of joys to be. Your place is everywhere you will feel free. Observe, restrain your forces.

Show them what the material world and the spiritual matter is all about. The truth is very simple. It's hidden in the past, lives in the present and needs the future. Why is there so little joy to be found amongst many ? People do not wonder enough about who they really are and what the life they lead really means. They should be more philosophers than materialists, they should ask themselves why they live in a society of wealth and poverty, peace and war, stress at work and unemployment. But there are other reasons for the lack of joy also...reasons one cannot write about yet...and reasons one cannot write about."

Looking back at those words at the end of july 2006, I can indeed say that peace can only come in my heart the day people start thinking and acting to make this world a good place to live for everyone. Why should we let the direction of this world in the hands of a tiny minority exploiting it for the sake of the same minority ? Why should we be forced to sit down and watch this world go to pieces more and more, day by day ? The ones we are used to see on our screens, shaking their 'important' hands, having a drink behind their long negociating tables, planning wars and presenting themselves as the saviours of the human race, in fact are the same ones that feed barbarity.

They prevent people from having a meaningfull job and hold them into a kind a slavery. They controle States and companies and therefore have a great power over our lives. They in fact dictate what news is to be brought and they keep on writing their own bloodly version of history.

And what about we ? We accept the hundred ways in which they controle our lives. When will it get through to a majority of us...the condition this world is in, is the result of our unconsciousness and our unwillingness to do something about it...we gave and give them a free hand. Will we further allow them to lie to us about what real freedom and human values are all about ? We won't...and 'we' begins with us.

Which are the reasons why we often have a lack of joy and personal and social commitment ? If we want to know where our negative emotions come from and who in fact we are...we should not primaraly go to our different kind of existing churches for an explanation. If you like to go to churches and read some ancient texts, then do it in a way that you keep in mind that the people who wrote those texts were a product of their time as much as we are now. Philosophical answers and faith can as well be found in the things that science reaches us then in several holy texts. It is to be said that some of them have become

outdated, especially those who consider humour a dangerous thing and who teach that one kind of believers is 'better' then another one. But let us consider ourselves as human beiings in stead of uncritical followers of some kind of believe. By connecting philosophy with science I'll try to prove that believing in what science teaches us does not necessarily go against religious aspirations as eternal life.

40.What we really are and where we came from.

In fact in our search for the meaning of life, we can start by realising that something can only exist if it has a meaning, a sense.

Why is that ? Because something without a form cannot exist...every kind of matter that tends to take a space which tends to approach or equalise to 'zero' explodes. It's just like 'the' or one of the 'big-bangs' of the history of universe. To much pressure on a certain point, makes everything explode, in both the micro and makro world...who in fact are one : stars, atoms, cels, ...even our much pressure makes new developments possible...if these are improving the position of the old situation...we call something 'meaningfull'.

The laws of nature developed very ideal conditions for life as we know it to get started. After the big-bang there wasn't really anything one could 'touch'. Matter existed as different kind of radiation. In Dutch the word for 'radiation' is 'straling'...when someone is happy we say he looks 'stralend'. It were the laws and try-outs of radiation that produced the first atom and later on the planets and the climate conditions that created the first cell and so on. It really is an amazing story which one can look up for oneself. So next time you walk through a forest be also aware of the speed with which the earth unther your feet still travels in the direction it was pushed some 15 billion years ago.

All that beautifull past, all the wisdom the first cells atained when they learned how to divide to stay alive...all of that stuff is still living the very moment you read these words. When we die a part of us becomes minnerals and so on, but the radiation leaves our bodies...the study of the way our mind observes and some personal experiences I prefer not calling 'mystical', as well of some scientifical studies lead me to strongly believe that our lives not only have a social meaning...but on a personal level we interact to create the conditions that bring us closer to our soul. Our soul, not only the pieces of genetical heritage goiing back to the first cells...but the essence that is really ours...maybe it's our continiously enriched radiation from so long ago.

In fact, isn't everything that exists not only one soul ? We see 'God' as the ideal abstract person which controls everything, but in fact the purpose of our evolution is to make this world work so that we materially can live in peace to spend more and more time in comparing the ways in which we give meaning to our lives. To someone who believes in reincarnation we would say that the same person can appear unther aproximatly the same conditions after a billion big-bangs for exemple...or maybe we could answer that we were already there as a piece of all the ones we descended from. We are a great mix, but the navigator inside us should always follow the line of his hart, not the line of how much money he can make or how he can take a revench on someone. We should all try to overcome all our philosophical, religious and personal differences and negative emotions based on what ever happened in the past and forget our bloody history and start again by focussing on the present and wishing good things for the future to come.

Matter and spirit have always been one. Matter was energy and energy always means the possibility of creation and evolution.

Even if one tries to destroy energy you always get a change of form, no vanishing into nothing. 'The meaning of life' is something that has always been there. The journey from nature to human culture was a very long one.


Matter contains energy that has prepared the coming into beiing of spiritual energy...or maybe matter originally alwa was the total collected energy between two big bangs.

The first meaning of life is therefore the coming into existence, the maintenance and growth of spiritual matter. All chemical and fysical powers like temperatures, distances, speeds, pression, time as well;

all movements from atoms and cells ...everything serves the growth of spiritual energy.

It has always been like this, because electrons cannot be destroyed. Our mind is not only composed by the electrons of all our braincells, but of the atoms of all our other cells. In fact we can say that all our cells have a specific consciuousness.

The question 'who are we', can best be answered by 'where do we come from'. That question no longer is a monopoly of religion. 'Religion' comes from the French word 'relier', combining. Combining science and philosophy and politics and psychology, helps us to understand the real meaning of our lives. 'Faith' can be based upon a beautiful smile or brilliantly used words or notes as well...the answer to the question 'the meaning of life', never only is intellectual.

In fact the ones who wonder to much about whether there is or isn't a God, are occupied with the following question : 'Is there an energy that has less or as much or more consciousness as we...and did that energy not have to travel all the way from radiation to atom to cell and human being to achieve this consciousness ' ? What kind of energy is present in before a big-bang ? The enriched energie of the previous cycle of big-bang and colapse in one point again ...or is it every time the same kind of energy starting all the way from the same energylevell ?

So in fact what some call 'god' could be the expression of the longing for more energy, more enriched the present, future and past, the past, beiing the previous enrgylevellsituation. In fact when when die we maybe still have our radiation as a form of beiing aware.

It thus seems that the creation of endless energy always restarts with not wanting to be nothing or nobody...both non existing things. 'Radiation' thus is the combination of all kinds of energy that existed in a cyclus between two big-bangs and which wants to start again and start something new.

Is it Einstein and others and their books and heritage or the radiation they are amongst us that makes me conclude all this after years ? Who knows...because I somethimes don't I believe.

Rather then beiing divided into traditional believers and their divisions on the one hand and those who believe in another way and it's divisions... aren't there enough other questions we should resolve ?

Why isn't there a system for managing society that makes ignorance, war, poverty and famine impossible ?

How come the relationship between 'lovers' or other relationships can be so complicated ?

So, in one question : 'why does man have so much difficulties with those strange 'things' like god, dead, history, money or values like friendship, family, pleasure,lust, ... ' ?

I think for one part it is because we haven't learned to observe objectively enough...aren't our observations continously beiing deformed by our own or the negative emotions of others ?

On the other hand it seems like maybe even before the ejaculation and the landing of the egg, there's a game between coalitions of genes goiing as if our past seeks to continue it's story in the future already...

not wanting to become 'meaningless' but learning the lessons the previous generations we ones were still had and have to learn. So in fact life has always been and is an endless school, teaching in many ways.


41.We are also family, friends and lovers

When you take a close look at your own live and that of people you know, you surely often observe that it seems like personalities with opposite emotional characteristics have married or other, less official relationships.

It starts with attraction and falling in love and its degrees, that depend on how deep the relation, not only between the consciousness of the lovers is, but also how profound teir link with the collective consciousness is ( their degree of involvement in seeking where they position themself in their personal evolution and their degree of intrest in all kind of sciences; especially human sciences : psychology, history, literature,...). The quality of such a relationship also is chalenged by the quality of the links with the different kinds of social or psychological relationships surrounding the couple.

In many cases a love, is simply sabotaged by the social living conditions ( as often ones cultural development is). In all cases love is determined by the genetical heritage and the education of the persons who are attracted to one another, because they find something 'stronger' or 'sweeter' in one another. People that have not learned to be emotionally independent will try to attract someone 'stronger' then them...the strong one will feel good, because, he or she is 'helping'...genetically spoken maybe this might be a contribution to an emotionally stronger child...but this is wanting to play some kind of Superbeing; life does not work in this way.

Because, if you look closely, the 'weak' one (and almost always each person has a stronger and weaker side) , the 'weak'-part 'gives' to the stronger one also, ...he or she teaches him or her to be more confident or look for somebody more emotionally equal.

Can somebody emotionally less unstable change her or his genetical code of behaviour and become stronger, and what is the relationship between beiing aware of all this and the subconscious and unconscious ? A person can be aware of things, this means, he is conscious of things. Depending on her or his educational, genetical and emotional background, one will start 'reasoning' about the elements in ones consciousness, with maybe to much the accent on money-linked problems or reasoning with an emotionally overreacting mind. If one does not choose for the hart or for the intuitive richness a spiritual link can bring along it will take getting over a lot of confusion to find ones road on life again.

Somebody who is open to his or her relation with 'nature' and feels a link with eternal things, can reach her or his 'inner' better.

People who have reached their 'soul' and are free from negative emotions , are not far away from an inner contact.

The really spiritual stuff, is the inner life you feel inside when you reach a non-emotional dialogue with yourself...and if you're lucky...with the person you love.

Because if you meet somebody on the same 'frequence' , love can reach high mountains. You can stay there more easily if you do not get into other relationships that reach a sexual level; because then you will again feel the power of what instincts can do in starting the process of emotional thinking again. (or maybe the 'new' person should be 'evoluated' or 'emotionally-strong' to ) I don't know yet, but this kind of situation would open the box of negative emotions as well I think. The atoms and cells, responsible for this behaviour can't act otherwise, because their original blueprint was one egg and one spermatozoid. That is why everybody in fact longs for one steady lover.

One lover. In the story of your own growingprocess towards your soul, this is a positif something, provided that you don't look for a partner because of material reasons, or reasons of emotional insecurity. The relationship between two people can be so intens, that you can support that your partner still has somebody else...but in the end...all persons will bear the weight from the ones that suffer under the differences in communicating in all it's ways. (with words, body,prescence...).


When you have a good relationship with someone, or a good period in a relationship with someone, you can 'admit' you 'know' somebody else...otherwise there is something wrong...finding out where, is a mutual as well as an individual process; where the 'pain in the hart' or certain illusions force you to do some things or to speak some words that again, create new situations.

I can imagine that married people, who married mainly out of emotional or 'resonable' reasons, are forced by their souls to look for someone else, and I can imagine that they stay together because of their young children for example.

I also can imagine that they even have no sexual relationship any more, but I cannot imagine one of the two staying single, then you stay a victime of the other, because your lack of beiing able to communicate to another man or woman in all it's different ways.

Now the real problem in getting out of this kind of situation is , not beiing able to talk about it...because people are not taught to see the whole philosophical picture, they keep on using the old ways of thinking. 'Good', 'Bad' and 'Victim' in stead of looking to the specific genetical and emotional energy that is present in a relationship...only by doiing so, you reach your soul and from their onwards (and earlier) you get more open for an energy where no 'burning of negative emotions' is necessary any more...except if emotional love tricks you again. In the end you'll know the difference between emotional love and intuitive love and their variations.

If you have a good love-life, your innercommunication functions better as well.

It's a pitty we use the word Love also in a sexual meaning; why not use the word Sex or Body-desire for the biological part of Love ?

Maybe you are just honnestly and simply happy with somebody and you do not need other experiences because you know nobody is perfect. .I hope you do not start thinking that you are missing something, or that your life was incomplete because of one partner all your life...nobody is the same. Maybe I don't have to teach you about love at all... how to interpretate the sounds, the words, the images, the events, the 'electricity', we can all learn to 'feel', instead of just 'hearing' and 'seeiing'. A lot of suffering, your own or that from others, will teach you when you cannot help or love any more. Have confiance, in the end it is a beautiful scenario, ones you've liberated yourself from to much suffering that makes you ill. Your hidden forces want to express themselves through everything that lives and everything lives...exept people who don't want to become really themselves.
42.there was life after dead
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  • even you and a small community can save the world
  • 40. What we really are and where we came from .
  • 41.We are also family, friends and lovers
  • 42.there was life after dead

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