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the way our mind works in a spiritual way

Wish I could write this in every language and dialect ; each with it's own charm. 'Charm' is already French...we are one big family with the same roots. One morning, a million years ago, 'African Lucy in the sky with diamonds', saw the sun rising in the east and went to Asia.Then people followed the sun towards the West, and discovered Europe and America


Everything is always on it's way to expression. Nature, since the very beginning worked endlessly on a system of reproduction and finer and finer communication...not only bussines-communication. People learn to express who they are and what they have with each other. In order to understand themselves they have to observe how their mind works.

The system even works without words and has many different forms of expression. Everything is experience and expression.

The most difficult or complicated experiences will have to sink to the bodem of the river of order to keep on feeling strong enough to continue ones road in life. On such moments we can think positive again... on such moments we can write again for example. The muse is then bigger then the a-muse. One must always pick the best words to express something; when one writes a birth card to a new born one does not put on it : 'welcome to the world, come and collect your scars'.

If we really discover the beauty in ourselve, no one ever shall go and fight wars or nobody will get emotionally hurt.

getting closer to the mysteries of our mind…and getting enthousiastic about life again.



ABT Analysing back in time and forward

Exem. If one wants to know why we can take part in bourgeois political elections or not it’s necessay to not just study the history of our country but it’s necessary to dig for the roots of history, namely the economical develepmont that always determines the groups that are in power. ( See my homepage unther 'history'.)

On the biological field it’s also a bit like imaging how cells evoluated to organisms and furhermore untill our intellect started evoluating…your trying to remember is like your cells, trying to remember their own past. ( See my homepage unther 'philosophy'.)

On the psychological field, all those things connected with our soul, can be retought of to…the more one gets experienced in life the more one can discover why your life was what it was. By doing so you can reach the beginning of what is meant with those conditions who are a greater dimmension then everything concerning the ‘soul and all his positive and negative emotions’ The ‘elements of the soul’ are based on the elements of the body and his needs and senses. Physics and Chemics were the bricks of Biology and Psychology…did they all together produce the spiritual world or were they beiing put together by a kind of main dimmension of that spiritual world ?

The answer to this question can be found in the question : ‘what is attraction’ ?

Attraction has driven atoms and moleculs and minerals aswell as the light and fluids to form life as we know it…and our developing consciousness has developed the way we live. All this is one song. (See my homepage unther 'poetry' and 'media')


REACHING CONSCIOUSNESS ABOUT THOSE INTERDISCIPLINAR KINDS OF CREATIVITY WHO MUST HELP US TO UNDERSTAND MORE ABOUT SPIRITUALITY. Good Luck. Maintaining the same level of consciousness shall prove to be not so easy, confronted with the practical challenges of every day life.

But it’s only in the interaction between theory and practice that our more then just ‘psychological ‘ voices can be understood. On the top of this kind of understanding one will understand how your environment will help you succeed in doiing what you were existentially ment for. (see tool ‘existential menu’ EXM’)


By this is meant all the psychological kinds of REASONING we can use to respond on practical things that happen to us or our relation with everybody and everything as were the practical things about this are concerned…to put it more easy : All those things a computer can ‘reason’ about also.


If we manage to put of this ‘computerfunction’ in us, the higher dimmension in us starts ‘advicing’. We can put this compterfunction of by reaching a certain degree of wisdom and calm in our life… or by living as spontanueously as certain children can…or by just doiing the dishes, or doiing some kind of work you do almost automatically, or by beiing close to nature. Exem. : when you get inspiration to write, but you can't get it on paper yet////or when you've had a 'fight in words' with someone and you want to take an emotional distance from him or her.


In order to understand some practical experiences and to discover the laws by which they occur or happen, we can put forward some suppositions and test them to keep on ameliorating our findings and axiomas so in the end we should be able to feel the laws by which life moves… . By doiing so we come close to the spiritual matter…but we will never fully understand everything about it…maybe because we cannot support the degrees of truth about or own life and that of others….

Exemples for axioma : " Our ‘spirit’ is born when our soul stops existing" (when our emotional life here dies together with our body). « There is a kind of conversation between living souls and spiritual powers » or « there is no inter soul-spiritual contact between spiritual powers, they continue their own development in another world ».

« Reincarnation is only a biological issue...we cannot return ». « Soul-matter is passed on by our genes, spiritual matter can not be passed in this dimmension ». « In order to give our spiritual development a bonus we must learn how to get a strong soul in this earthly dimmension ...this means getting independent of negative emotions».

« Can we change our existential menu ? »


Images and circumstances...of the past, still clear in ones head. This is the proof that present and past are prepare the inevitable future. The only thing that does not exist (time) is the strongest one.


COINTHA " thaught

COINTIM " time

COININT " intuition

COINPLA " place

COINBOO ¨ " opening book on certain page with something relevant at the moment

COINCIR " circumstances

To be solved individually .All ‘coincidence cases’ : maybe it's just the INNER VOICE OR THOUGHT THAT’s getting confused : difficult to separate


See former comment on COIN-cases, (also possible with other tools)


See for exem. text ‘Wo we were’ unther philosophy

COMBT COMBINING TEXT (thought, intuition...)

I do not know myself anymore what I meant with this. Maybe it will come back to me in a strange way. Oh yes, for exemple one reads a text in a book which refers to a problem


your facing and which you are writing also about...and an inner discussion begins (which looks a bit like the method of 'thesis, anti-theses, syntheses')


Is a kind of inner-voice like information, that like an inner-voice also can be literally or symbollically meant. Sometimes what the image means can occure as a fact that explains something during the day but sometimes even a few days later or more… ? (PS I call it ‘dream’-image because even if one is awake you can have those ‘dream’-kind informations. Sometimes even just talking to people you can have those dream-kind impressions…one forgets them easily and remembers them somethimes meeting those people or things again. The real important ones you never forget.


When you really want some info or some guiding concerning decisions you have to take…you can get valuable answers…on condition you are fysically and mentally not to weak at that moment…then you get rather confused answers.


Without the need to analyse, because you considered the dream as a kind of ‘after-meal’-effekt or a quick mix of the passed day...or based on fear or other negative emotions. You forget those kinds of dreams easily and they not often come back in the day-time as images that come back again.


Very special energetic images that almost ‘touch’ ones deepest self. Once you start doubting what they ‘mean’ and start giving a second or third…explanation they seem to lose their importance or value and it is more difficult trying to remember them for a long time.

DR+1+2 INTERCONN.dreams

Once I dreamt I was putting tons of fallen fruit on a truck that would drive the fruit to the siropfactory. When I came back home they told me my oldest son had been working with my sister and her husband, he namely had been doiing the same work I dreamt of. I did not know before and that kind of work is not often done on the fruitfarm where my son rarely works.

It was a surprise to me ,the more I was spending the night of my dream near the sea, a 150km away. Interconnected. ?


DR+ is when you have no problem analysing the dream. DR- is when dreamanalysing can make you confused, you cannot enjoy dreamanalysing at that moment or in the period you are because of mainly fysical or (and) psychological reasons you are having in a period of your live

(can be a moment, minutes, hour,day, week, years…)where you can not reach your inner relationship very clearly. It’s best to let pass those moments, hoping to be able to let go the ‘weight’ and negative energy in yourself by eating less or different, walking, laughing, enjoying what you do, slow down…only take decisions when you found the real you again.


Some people have a very good vision-orientated memory. Alike one can have a memory for dialogues . To bad a lot of people remember the dialogues they should forget or the ones they misinterpretated. This disturbs the understanding between people…but like in the world of physics with it’s + an - laws, dialogues have already brought a lot of people to a deeper understanding of themselves and their relations. (communication.)

DIA+1+2 " more then two

The same as above ; but throwing one bal in the air and catching it, is not the same as playing with 2,3, 4… It’s a different dimmension of observing what happens.

Analysing what really happened happens almost always afterwards.



You know the feeling, you felt good and very quickly it seems something fysically is missing, something the soul or the embryo of the spiritual energy in yourself needed.

Somethimes this feeling dissapears by eating something with sucre(do not get adicted…), by drinking water…by goiing somewhere else in your usual places of environment where other confrontations await. One can wonder in the last place which energy is using which energy to do or think or say what (only insiders will understand...people with temporally or constant law levels can 'eat' you)


There is more water in our belly then in our lungs because emotions mainly come from the belly…when we’re little,we cry when we cannot get satisfaction in our needs :food, affection…some of us learn to be more content then others.

Turning the folowing negative emotions into positive ones is often a longlife task :

Fear into fearlesness, Jealousness into comprehension, Egoism into sharing, to Dominating lust into balancing the male and female energy in yourself,

Fanity into Humbleness, Ignorance into Knowing, understanding…, Bach Flower Remedies have beautiful descripions about this…but like in positively thinking the remedy (or in case of the Bach Flowers the fluid) not only helps alone. Positively thinking cannot do without conflicts as well as the homeopathic stuff cannot do without the action of the evoluating person.

Theory goes together with practice

EM- " neg.

Getting stuck in them prevents you from evoluating.


If you are getting to much away of what you should be doiing with your life , then negative emotions and feelings aswell as positive ones...or things that happen can be used by life to correct you.

More about this very important energy later. Maybe my main is about introducing a new kind of political system, but in order to be able to do so we’ll have to make people stronger in their pshygological, soul related life…therefore this study.

Or maybe my main shall be explaing the difference between soul and spirit or the relation between them : must we get ‘stronger’ here in order to evoluate in another dimmension more favourably, or to be able to let those after us function better...during and after our own life ?

EUREKA -axioma. Thesis : idealist axioma. Antithesis : materialist axioma. Synthesis : indifferent equilibre.

The idealist axioma is based on the axioma that you keep on functioning OUTSIDE the body, related to the energy you left behind before you died. Everyone evoluates in the direction of his dead, a moment when one becomes an unbodylike energy that will become part of the further evolution of the ones you leave behind...or evoluates more or less independently according to ones merits. My materialist eureka is based on the fact that spiritual life can only exist within a biological ‘house’ and is genetically bound by means of family and further on….a statement that not necessarely means accepting the fact of interrelations between the material and spiritual world. Iisn't our earthly soul something in between the idealist and materialist vision , an embryo for the spiritual dimmension ?

That's why next to the material and idealist axioma’s I also put forward the synthese : an axioma of

‘indifferent equlibre’ stating that once the biological life comes to an end we return to the consciousness of the elements that made us : minneral, water, air, light…hidden in the anti-matter of them…maybe enjoyable as well,but unconscient ? So just by beeiing air and light an minnerals...they join the living in an indifferent way...feeding the living ones,


taking biologically part in their existence...and by their indifference, maybe have an influence after all.


Rationality and his wife Logica is the most important tool in this material world.


When you are in a period when you can really use the EXI..MENU tool, you will notice that everything you need is been given to you , in order to be able to do it…in the slightest detail you then can observe this in what’s happening. After such a period (exemple writing, …)you do not stop evoluating and sometimes you will need new experiences- not necessarily on your main that will be more difficult to you, but with faith the exi.Menu -line and moments will come back again. Using the word FAITH, I realise that I forgot another strong tool and energyform to put in this list.FAITH


Are the result of the battle between + and - emotions : beiing happy, sympathic, glad, liking someone, loving someone (and all the opposite possibilities)

FEE- " neg.


Sometimes mostly in the morning you get a picture (a kind of dream-image) that does not seem to relate with something or someone…but at the same time you know through your inner-voice(a kind of stronger dimmension than your intuitivity) that object or person will occur to you that day. A very strong exemple you find page 93(the statue)

FFIM have as a characteristic that they are related with following your roots, your EXI.MENU. These kind of clear exemples not often show temselves. Trying to separate thought from innervoice in doiing this


One can put the folowing axioma hereby « The fivpot is connected with the existential menu »also. Ones first impression of someone is very important...a lot of things can happen in between and viewpoints can evoluate...but in the end you understand the role of someone in your life. Sometimes you start doubting the meaning of your first impression. If it's a negative impression it maybe wasn't that persons own fault ? Some first impressions even are accompanied a picture with some symbolism which takes many years or a lifetime to understand. If you become very good in this item, one day you can help judge others, once you become a spirit with a lot of earthly merits.

FOFE FORFEELING (kind of inner voice)

You know for sure something nice or not is gooing to happen…usally something that will make a big change in the lives of others and eventually or logically, your own life…

Or it can just be something funny that will happen. That’s a good description, it’s like something funny just happened.

FOFEI FORFEELING IMAGE(same as fofe, by means of image)


FTG FEELING TO GOOD (related with EXM) On such moments you are tempted to do some free-wil action to help someone... . Afterwards it sometimes seemed not be be your own decision alone.


In times when rational decission making is needed. In moments when you make decission : if you not orientate on your own strength and if you are to compassionate with the ones who should rely on their own strength to be often take the wrong decisions.

FORG... FORGOTTEN...Inner Voice, Image, Intuition, Thaught, Words, Instinkt, Happening, Dream, Timing, Handwriting(change)what is needed comes back : (should be a very interesting axioma to examine in relation with spirit).


FWAH Free -will actions help

One cannot push others to do something if there is no inner change within them

HART : one cannot do something one dislikes when it comes from the hart(+ -)

HUMOR maybe the lightest material, the closest to the spiritual dimmension, maybe not

FORW FORWARDING(reason fantasises with situations, plans…)can the inner voice fantazise also with future ?


The practical automatisms that make biological life possible, biological material itself.

We not only suffer for reasons that we provoked ourselves, but also whe are have to deal with our genetical heritage. Exem. you can get cancer because of what happened before you were born, because of malfunctionment, or by environmental reasons, or by weakening yourselfs in many ways maybe also.


The politics, the consciousness that makes the G move. The spirit behind the G-matter.

GW GETTING W. (or WO) insiders(relat.exm ?)


Occuring facts ; often on the wright moment (or is every moment wright taking into account that everything and everyone finds itself on a certain point of his or hers or it’s evolution ?)


Often it seems that spiritual or pshygological(soul-related) powers hide behind, or are the force behind what happens…as if they want to express something


The relation between spirit and soul is often very efident, as far as viruses (or fractures…)are not concerned (not in all cases)


Is this the deserved communication from spiritual world ? If there is communication and there is, because everything is one world then maybe just asking strength generates the energy necessary for seeiing new possibilities to solve something… or just feel good.


The info you should be getting from the outside-world or the one you hide away from in yourself


Everything concerning physics, chemics, biology, pshygology,economics, politics, sociology, spirituality

KTO KLICKING TO OLD(descending evolutionary ladder)

when one should abandon old points of view, or transform them into new




By means of humor, funny observations, getting fysical (working in garden…)making love, swimming, showering, those good toilet-visits…


Very special intuitiv way of analysing things, events, feelings, evolutions…best in nature, because nature pulls your energy up again…maybe this is the border with the spiritual be compared with inner peace, but goes together with images, explanations...(related to ABT-analysing back in time, but this is much more with thought)



LOM FY " (mechanical)

LOM PRE " (prescence)

LOMFA " (fantasy)


LOMINS " (instinktivly)

LOM- " (wasted)

See my many texts (essays and litterature on this tool, used for people to grow, but they not always realise it on their way of discovering the real meaning of earthly and heavenly love. They often get stuck in combats.


Crash of almost every tool. Patiently wait till it’s over. Often best is doiing nothing to remain calm. Wondering from where this LS comes will not help you. Accept and let it pass, your faith will get you further through the mist. Maybe thinking of snow on a high mountain or the air seen from a plane can help you. Discover yourself.


IHA interaction in what happens

For insiders, because danger of confusion and in worser case : lonetic syndrome


During a discussion some people thinking not by coincidence the same thing.



INT INTUITION(intuition is not inner voice,intuition is highest dimmension of soul near the spiritual border)when there is no negative emotion or feeling involved, intuition is not of a negative kind…only an opinion to guide you, or something to make you light, just like humor does



somethimes at the same moment, somethimes few minutes, hours later or next morning, sometimes days, months years later your views can change when you get new meanings about the symbolism of some events or persons.

IV+ INNER VOICE,higher energy then intuition (from over the border of classical matter, anti-matter ?)

When there is no negative intuition involved, inner voices are never negative (+ an - is not used in a moral way in these explanations , but as energy-related conditions and force of circumstances. The degrees of Innervoice follow the same scheme as I explained in EUREKA (the stronger, the more independent from classical matter)

IV- "

IVeq inner voice : indifferent equalism

Is the main condition for beiing able to start having a spiritual vision

N observing nature


Arise mostly in interesting psychological conflikt-situations. Learn to listen and put yourself above negative emotions.

NI Novel Idea

P PRACTICAL(exem.garage visit)

PIA Producing Intuitive Analyses( al.

See letting it all pass(liap) , but more spiritual analyses then intuitive ones…or are these kind of analyses only possible when you are completely a spirit ?


First impressions you get from seeiing a picture


Like the weather moods change according to laws , events also can

PSOEC political, social, econo.facts

PR special ways of 'p(r)aying


By using all tools correctly, spontaneously, when you feel good. It’s our task to feel good


QU " (from others)

QUE + questions asked at other beiings

QUE - inner questions

QUE+- questions asked at higher level

R relations

RCOP recognising possibilities

SESY SENTENCE (symbolism)

SR sense of reality

SFoA STARTING FROM o analysing


What is to soon for somebody to know…because of unmaturity, or beiing able to bear


EBA EARTHLY BOUND ACTIVITY ( when to much use of something with your hands)

TRAMAT transaction living matter

Insiders (see texts 'doodongewoon', 'bijzondere energiën,... colors, special energies of exclusive kind)

TSR Time and Space Relativity

Relativity, synchronism (exemple : computerschemes)

TTEST TELEPATHY TEST(exem.being looked at)

Mainly fys., stronger between differ.+-

THEOR theory (confront cfr with word theus)


WOEN WORDENERGY sounds also(exbyLM)


Collective consciousness

Individual Conciousness

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