Woord vooraf 5 Hoofdstuk 1

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Woord vooraf 5 Hoofdstuk 1

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Schrijf de woorden tussen haakjes in het meervoud.
1 (shoe) What do you think of my new ?
2 (song) I love all on the new Bright Animals CD.
3 (game) What video do you usually play?
4 (kilo) My bag weighs twenty !
5 (laptop) Raymond has two .
6 (apple) I need five for my pie.
7 (eye) I like the colour of your .
8 (dog) Marit has two and a cat.
9 (car) How many has your Dad got?
10 (taxi) There are seven of us, so we will need two .

WIL JE VERDER OEFENEN? ga dan naar de theorielessen op de website van Taalblokken 2

2 Voluit of kort? – I am I’m, I have I’ve

Sommige vormen van be, have en do kun je korter opschrijven. Een paar voorbeelden:
I’m too shy.
You’ve got mail.
She doesn’t like cats.

Vooral in spreektaal en in persoonlijke e-mails kun je korte vormen gebruiken. In officiële brieven of e-mails schrijf je alles voluit.

Be am I’m

Als je am, are of is schrijft, kun je die woorden op de volgende manier korter opschrijven:

Lange vorm Korte vorm

I am ready. I’m ready.

You are ready. You’re ready.

He is ready. Hes ready.

She is ready. Shes ready.

It is ready. Its ready.

Sam is ready. Sams ready.

Dinner is ready. Dinners ready.

We are ready. We’re ready.

You are ready. You’re ready.

They are ready. They’re ready.


Schrijf de zinnen over in de verkorte vorm.


We are very tired.

We r e v er y tir ed.


You are going on holiday.


I am ready to go.


They are waiting for us.


Kathy is not feeling well.


You are watching a film.


I am happy to see you.


He is a really nice person.


We are going home.


It is unbelievable!

Als je een zin hebt met not, kun je de korte vorm op twee manieren schrijven:

• óf je verkort am, are of is tot ’m, ’re of ’s

• óf je verkort not tot n’t.

Let op! Je schrijft n’t vast aan het werkwoord dat ervoor staat!

Voluit Verkort werkwoord Verkort not

I am not ready. I’m not ready.

You are not ready. You’re not ready. You aren’t ready.

He is not ready. Hes not ready. He isn’t ready.

She is not ready. Shes not ready. She isn’t ready.

It is not ready. Its not ready. It isn’t ready.

Sam is not ready. Sams not ready. Sam isn’t ready.

Dinner is not ready. Dinners not ready. Dinner isn’t ready.

We are not ready. We’re not ready. We aren’t ready.

You are not ready. You’re not ready. You aren’t ready.

They are not ready. They’re not ready. They aren’t ready.

Let op! Bij I am not kun je not niet in een korte vorm schrijven!


Gebruik not in de volgende zinnen. Schrijf de korte vorm n’t als dat mogelijk is.
1 The dog is in the garden. The dog i sn't in the garden.
2 You are alone. You alone.
3 Dinner is ready. Dinner ready.
4 I am at Mike's place. I at Mike's place.
5 My parents are on holiday. My parents on holiday.
6 I am in love with you. I in love with you.
7 Gina is very kind. Gina very kind.
8 We are glad. We glad.
9 Your sister is listening. Your sister listening.
10 They are happy. They happy.


Schrijf de volgende zinnen over. Gebruik de verkorte vorm. Je mag zelf kiezen of je een korte vorm gebruikt van am, are of is of van not.
1 She is not at school. She’s no t / isn’t at school.
2 Ahmed is not at home. Ahmed at home.
3 I am not late. I late.
4 We are not ready for it. We ready for it.
5 Mo is not here. Mo here.
6 You are not happy about it. You happy about it.
7 They are not coming. They coming.
8 It is not fair! It fair!
9 He is not very nice. He very nice.

10 I am not tired. I tired.

Have I have got I’ve got

Ook have got en has got kun je verkorten:

Lange vorm Korte vorm

I have got a bike. I’ve got a bike.

You have got a bike. You’ve got a bike.

He has got a bike. Hes got a bike.

She has got a bike. Shes got a bike.

It has got a black frame. Its got a black frame.

Mr King has got a bike. Mr Kings got a bike.

My manager got has a bike. My managers got a bike.

We have got a bike. We’ve got a bike.

You have got a bike. You’ve got a bike.

They have got a bike. They’ve got a bike.


Vul de verkorte vorm van have of has in.
1 We got tickets for the cinema.
2 She got new shoes.
3 I got a lot of money.
4 They got a new car.
5 He got a new girlfriend.
6 A great motorbike, but it got four wheels.
Als je een zin hebt met not, heb je twee manieren om een korte vorm te schrijven:
• óf je verkort have got of has got tot ’ve got of s got

óf je verkort not tot n’t
Verkorte vorm Ontkenning met not Verkorte vorm met nt

I have got a meeting today. I’ve got a meeting today. I have not got a meeting today.

She has got a meeting today. Shes got a meeting today. She has not got a meeting


I haven’t got a meeting today.

She hasn’t got a meeting



Maak de zinnen ontkennend met not. Schrijf de zinnen in de verkorte vorm.
1 We’ve got enough time. We hav en’t go t enough time.
2 They’ve got a nice car.
3 I’ve got a new laptop.
4 Sally’s got a brother and a sister.


You’ve got five minutes.


It’s got four legs.


We’ve got a wonderful story to tell you.


He’s got a big bedroom.

Do not I do not I dont

Je kunt do not en does not verkorten tot don’t en doesn’t:

Lange vorm Korte vorm

I do not play the guitar. I don’t play the guitar.

He does not like this music. He doesn’t like this music.

They do not have a balcony. They don’t have a balcony.
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